From mind to motion

Since 1849, SONCEBOZ has stood for precision, reliability and dynamism in the field of electrical motion control. Originally founded as Ebauches SA, the company now sets innovative trends in the fields of mechatronic systems, stepper motors and linear actuators, which are usually tailored to customers’ requirements

Main dates in our history:
1849 Foundation of “Fabrique d’Ebauches de Sonceboz”
1900 Production of industrial clockwork mechanisms
1930 Development and production of electrical hysteresis synchronous motors
1936 Became a family-owned company: SONCEBOZ SA
1950 Manufacture of asynchronous motors
1960 Development of reversible synchronous motors
1970 Development and production of stepping motors
1980 Introduction of the 1st generation of linear actuators
1985 Development of electronic stepping motors controls with micro-stepping technology
1990 Intelligent positioning systems and first mechatronic systems
2000 Mechatronic systems with state-of-the-art embedded electronics

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