In 1957 MTE – Metalúrgica Termo-Elétrica manufactured its very first product – the Temperature Sensor 3025 for Chevrolet vehicles that were imported from USA at the time.
Since then MTE’s history mixes with the history of the Brazilian automobile industry, with a lot of determination, courage and persistence.
In 1975 a joint venture with the THOMSON International CO. introduced a new product line: the THERMOSTATIC VALVE establishing MTE’s vocation to measure and control temperature.
In 1994, THOMSON-CAR was founded with a focus on fuel injection system products and services for imported vehicles present in the Brazilian market.
Following the technology advances in the automotive industry, MTE-THOMSON once again confirms its leadership position and launches in 2002 the first Oxygen Sensor completely manufactured in Brazil.
In 2005, MTE-THOMSON increases its product line, launching the Throttle Position Sensor – TPS, another important item on the automotive fuel injection system .Since its foundation, MTE-THOMSON has produced more than 180 millions Thermostatic Valves, Temperature Sensors, Temperature Switches, Temperature Senders and Oxygen Sensors for all kinds of vehicles models manufactured world-wide, supplying both OEM and AFTERMARKET.

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