About us

We, with more than (75) years of long experienced and history in International business, are now the next generation and continuing the trading inheritance of First Good Idea General Trading LLC (FGI) which was founded in 2002 in the heart of the world’s leading trade center, Dubai.

After a decade, FGI expanded geographically and registered in France and Switzerland under the name of Bonidee Company.

With rapid development throughout these years; today FGI is one of the leading companies in the field of 3 Divisions: (Automotive and Automotive Spare Parts, Medical Technology Motion Systems and Flavors & Fragrance Industries) through the independent entities under the supervision of FGI.

The success of FGI can be attributed to the business that combines the ability to extend quality services, fulfill customer’s satisfaction and social responsibility which define its business philosophy. In this regard, company core values were established on High Tech, High Quality, Innovation and Observance to Environmental Indicators.

The key achievement of FGI was originated from a belief which is inspired throughout all levels of most of the companies and has been the epigraph of all activities taken into action thus far and will be done in the future, “IN SUCCESS, WE BELIEVE”.

Flavor and Fragrance Industry:

FGI has been planning to expand its capabilities in other industries. Food and Beverage industry as an attractive and continuously growing sector has been aligned with FGI‘s growth plan. Regarding our strategic guidelines, the first step was to concentrate on food ingredients, Flavors especially. Hence, through a thorough analysis from our marketing strategists, a prominent flavor house in Europe was selected as our partners in the aforementioned industry. Our strategy in flavor division has been to provide our customers with high-quality products, and excellent technical support all in competitive pricing platform.
FGI became a sole Agent of Jean Niel SAS-France in GCC Countries, Egypt and Jordan. Jean Niel is a history of talent and success which has survived the centuries from (1779) and lives on today in perpetuity in Flavor Industry, having a broad range of products categorized in applications such as Confectionery & Sweets, Bakery and Pastry, Dairy, Beverages, Savory and Tobacco.

Today, FGI has been able to achieve an outstanding share in its territory for confectionary and beverage ingredients. Our partners are ranging from domestic manufacturers to international brands. Nevertheless, all are innovative driven, having highly popular products in their field.

Automotive & Automotive Spare Parts:

Relying on in-depth market knowledge and with having professional experienced marketing and sales team, a group of trained technical support services and effective distribution networks, FGI has grown to be an exclusive agent of varied well known European and Latin American manufacturers in the field of Automotive Spare Parts namely: Sonceboz-Switzerland, Flennor GMBH-Germany, MTE-Thomson-Brazil, FROW-Turkey, Enker-Bosnia, Valeo-France, Flash Electronics-India & EVANS-England.

At present, FGI main business partners in Automotive Division are Sonceboz-Switzerland, MTE-Thomson-Brazil and Flennor GMBH-Germany as exclusive agent in the Middle East, CIS and North African countries. Moreover, FGI has been known as the most reliable Auto Parts Supplier in OEM/OES and After Market Sectors in its territories.

Medical Technology Motion Systems:

Following the company’s development plans, FGI has also become interested in the field of Medical Technology (Diagnostic Equipment), Medical Beauty and Cosmetic with defined objectives and integrated planning to achieve a significant share of the market in this sector.

Since 2013, FGI started to promote Sonceboz-Medical Technology Motion Systems for various medical applications, such as Dialysis peristaltic pumps, Dialysis syringe, Dialysis clamp, laboratory /diagnostics, drug delivery and dental press furnace in which, the advantages are to provide the most efficient mechanical performance for dosing, regulation, positioning and to reduce noise and current consumption while maintaining an absolute fail safe clamp function.

Since 2016, FGI became sole agent of Cosmomed-Germany, a dignified/noble name in Medical Beauty. Year 1986, Cosmomed develops innovative cosmetic and dermatological products. Specialties are exclusive electro-cosmetic products and innovative anti-aging procedures that bridge the gap between cosmetic and medical specialists, professional application.
Also, training is always worthwhile: as an important success factor of Cosmomed own training center which offers its clients seminars on all products, devices and treatment methods in theory and practice.
Based on years of experience in cosmetic medical treatments Cosmomed can offer sophisticated products, which not only guarantees a successful treatment, but also an attractive price-performance ratio.

First Good Idea LLC, Dubai, UAE